El puerto Deportivo de Gijón, con motivo del Día Mundial del Medioambiente, celebrará el próximo domingo 10 de Junio a las 11:30h de la mañana una labor de recogida de cristales y demás objetos del fondo de la dársena interior del Puerto Deportivo. El Grupo Especial de Actividades Subacuáticas de la Guardia Civil del Mar (G.E.A.S.) y voluntarios de la Federación de Actividades Subacuáticas (F.E.D.A.S.) junto con el personal de marinería del Puerto llevarán a cabo esta labor que esperamos congregue a gran público en el entorno de dicha dársena.


Labores de recogida de basura del fondo marino durante las Jornadas Náuticas 2017



Con esta actuación, queremos concienciar a todo el público que pasea por Puerto Deportivo y aquellos que disfrutan en sus aguas sobre la importancia de cuidar el entorno en el que vivimos.

Puerto Deportivo Gijon y sus Jornadas Náuticas 2018

Ya están aquí las JORNADAS NAUTICAS 2018 organizadas por Puerto Deportivo Gijón, los días 9 y 10 de Junio tienes una cita:

jornadas nauticas, cita con el mar, actividades para todos, jornadas, nautica, deporte nautico

Cartel Tu nueva cita con el mar

Este proyecto, que  presentamos por tercer año consecutivo, tiene como objetivo acercar a toda la ciudadanía a los deportes náuticos y a todo lo relacionado con el mar, en él  colaboran empresas, clubes náuticos y organismos públicos.

jornadas nauticas, deporte nautico, puerto deportivo, nautica, actividades

Fotos jornadas náuticas años anteriores


Aquí tenéis el programa con todas las actividades que hemos preparado para vosotros:

Programa 2018

¡Escoge tu actividad y ven a disfrutar con toda la familia!


Puerto Deportivo Gijón, port of reference in the Bay of Viscay, has moorings for boats up to 32 metres length. It is an ideal port for catamarans.

Located right in the centre of Gijón, just a few metres from the commercial areas and the historic centre of the city.

We offer a high flow fuel for big vessels and also boat maintenance and repairing.

Ample places for catamarans and special offers for this type of boats.

Special prices for Club Lagoon catamarans.

Also, if you are a company and choose Puerto Deportivo Gijón to call, ask about our advantages.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information through telephone 985 344 543, WhatsApp 659 496 339 or email us to info@puertodeportivogijon.es


From Puerto Deportivo de Gijón we encourage sailors to enjoy Gijon’s summer season , a summer full of gastronomic, musical, folkloric and cultural events that make our city the perfect destination for any traveler and, from our Port, the ideal marina, in the heart of the old town and the center of the city to spend this summer season.

We also remind sailors, that this summer, as in previous years, you can benefit from interesting promotions to moor in Puerto Deportivo de Gijón.

Come and enjoy this summer with us! You will always want to return!


Get more information in our phone: 985344543, Whatsapp 659496339 or send us an email to: info@puertodeportivogijon.es


Puerto Deportivo Gijón is preparing for the start of summer season 2018, which begins next May 16th  until September 15th, 2018 and, as every year, we launch our special promotions for customers.


The offer consists of free nights offered to foreign and spanish customers in transit. This is a promotion that we repeat this year because of the excellent reviews from our customers last years.

Thus, you get to enjoy the summer in Gijón marina with all the services situated in the center of a lively and dynamic city like Gijón. We also give our customers  the opportunity to extend their stay and the possibility to know about the great cultural and gastronomic offer of the region.

Puerto Deportivo Gijón offers SPECIAL RATES to catamarans as well.

Consult offers and conditions in our website: http://puertodeportivogijon.es/rates-pdg 




A representative of Gijón marina visited the Multihull Boat Show that took place the last 18th to 22nd of April in La Grande Motte, France.  All the catamaran constructor companies as well as engine and sail builders met at this unique and emblematic multihull (catamarans and trimarans) event.


At La Grande Motte marina, we could enjoy the largest catamaran  show, with more than 60 participants.

The purpose of this visit was to meet the catamaran constructors in order to strengthen the stop in Gijón of catamarans departing from La Rochelle, Les Sables d’Olonne, etc. in the Atlantic Coast, where the main shipyards of France are located.

The increase in sales of this type of boats, that requires large moorings, can find in our marina the ideal place, not only for technical stops but also for customers who already have this kind of vessels and also because of our geographical situation and the proximity to the city centre, both reasons making Gijón marina a reference marina in the Bay of Biscay.


Puerto Deportivo Gijón, as a memeber of TRANSEUROPE MARINAS Association, the the largest group of marinas in Europe, offers its customers, both national and international, interesting discounts in moorings throughout the year. This discount is valid for both Spanish and European ports that are exclusive members of the Transurope network.


      • More than 40,000 berths available throughout Europe.
      • If you’re a memeber of TRANSEUROPE MARINAS, you can benefit from a 50% discount on mooring in more than 70 exclusive european marinas.



If you are not yet part of the TRANSEUROPE MARINAS network, do not hesitate to visit our offices to obtain your membership card or send us an email: info@puertodeportivogijon.es


passeport escales


We remind all our customers, both in base and foreigners who visit us, that as we keep up with our commitment to satisfy and always provide the best services, Puerto Deportivo de Gijón belongs to the French marina network PASSEPORT ESCALES.

passeport escales

Red Passeport Escales

A total of 122 marinas in England, France and Spain already belong to this network.

Being a marina member means that your customers … will be able to enjoy free nights!

In 2017, a total of 233 vessels, enjoyed their Passeport Escales benefits in the PDG

barcos transito puerto amarrar pernoctar cliente

Pantalán de tránsito PDG Año 2017

If you are a client based in Puerto Deportivo Gijón, ask for your card at our office, go sailing … and spend free nights in the Passeport Escales member’s marinas.

If you are a foreign client with base port member of P.E., come and meet us and spend a free night in the city centre of Gijón.

Consult conditions and ask for extra information in our office or in info@puertodeportivogijon.es